LMC S.p.A.

LMC S.r.l. has 25 years of experience in digital security, trusted identity and access control through physical and digital means.

Key differentiators include proprietary and superior technology providing turnkey solutions to our customers within the Government,Banking&Financial, Sport&Event, Healthcare and Transportation Industries.



Advanced technologies and continuous innovations have been since the inception a core value for the Company.

LMC strategy is focused on secure person and product identification and payment-related products with our customers that need to feel confident about using digital services.

In order to achieve that, the company is tackling the two main causes of data security breaches:
Identity Theft
Unencrypted data



Since 2000 LMC supported the Italian National Printing Office and to the Ministry of Interior delivering nearly 10 millions ID documents for projects such as

Italian National Electronic Identity Card
Electronic Residence Permit
Multiservice ID Card for Carabinieri Army (Military Police) and for the identification of Ministry of Justice corps and civilian employees
The Company partnered Lasercard/HID global in the engineering of tailored ID solutions for other national government customers' programs in Costa Rica, Angola, Saudi Arabia and more
In 2014 LMC becomes UNICREDIT provider for secure credit cards with the latest evolution of highest secure technology for bank cards applications





Partner for many years of State Police/Scientific Police, State Printing Office and Mint, the High Command of National Army and other Government agencies, often involved in Technical Committees and Institutional Regulation Authorities, drawing and providing a valuable experience in the field of anti-counterfeiting identity documents.

Most of the security features and applications require a complex and expensive infrastructure, a widespread distribution of devices and a network connection, so that, their use is still very limited.

The company exploring new and effective ways to secure confidential data and protect the identity has been focused not only by providing solutions highly secured and reliable, very difficult to forge, but also easy to verify.



The elements so-called 'biometric' used since ever for personal ID are chronologically the signature and, later, the photography as they allow to operate in absence of specific devices or dedicated networks.

The easiest way to alter a photograph on a plastic surface is to erase with a common abrasive paste or super-fine sandpaper, then reprint it with cheap equipment.



A first consideration regarding a classic contact micro-chip, is that it’s not integrated in the card core but it’s only melted on it. So that, it can be removed and then replaced.

On www.alibaba.com famous website, a wide range of holograms and holographic films (protection layers) are available. These can be purchased starting from small quantities (1,000 pcs.) with any custom graphics, including famous VISA clones.

Since many years up to date, the “security” of holograms is appointed to protect objects having a very small value: metro tickets, cigarette packs, cheap electronic items, clothing garments, etc


PRODUCT Portfolio

For more than two decades the company has built a unique portfolio of technology and expertise providing the industry of:

ID documents, Bank Cards, Plastic&Metal Cards, etc
ePassport, Visa Labels, etc...
Card Printers, Laser Personalization & Secure Identification Solutions



  • Our manufacturing partners have extensive experience in printing and processing of secure documents (i.e. ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and CWA 14641:2009 certified

  • Our Passports & Visa Labels meet or exceed ICAO manufacturing standards, delivering the highest quality finished booklets

  • We employ comprehensive security programs and measures to insure a secure manufacturing, storage and distribution environment



We offer ePassports with eCovers where the RFID is integrated into the cover material and ePassports where the RFID chip is embedded in the Polycarbonate Holder page suitable for laser personalization.

We deliver either Cylinder Mould made watermark (multi-tone) paper or Fourdrinier watermark (dual tone) paper with security fibers (invisible and visible) including a security thread (can be fluorescence under UV light, or metalized effects).

We are capable to introduce and process laminates for the data page of the ePassport. Such laminates can be holographic / optical diffractive films which will be laminated during the issuing process once the passport has been optically personalized.



Vast experience in digital security allowed the company to rapidly adapt the products offering to maintain a leading proposition in the market.

Portfolio technologies include, among many others, the following two outstanding solutions that can be integrated each other providing cheap, differentiated and innovative offers:





Special laser technology is used to create minute holes right through the document’s substrate.

The holes are arranged to form an image that becomes clearly visible to the naked eye when the document is held to the light.

The holes are so small that they do not interfere with the design of the document.

It is a repetition of the holder’s photograph used to verify the original holder’s image, thus guaranteeing its authenticity.

Personalizes each passport or identity card irrevocably.


GHOST IMAGE Highlights

Personalizes irreversibly

Anti-copying device

Does not interfere with document design

Applied with sophisticated laser technology, impossible to imitate successfully by other means

Perfectly suitable for centralised personalization

Proven track record


BLUeCODE Description

By using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology – the cryptography method that is also used in ePassports and eIDs, BLUeCODE provides the means to perform issuer authentication and data integrity check based on the encoded data.

BLUeCODE is a machine readable 2D high density matrix that can be printed on the ID document. The document holders’ demographic information, photo, biometric and others, such as health data can be stored in the BLUeCODE.

Document holder information are encoded into the BLUeCODE based on ICAO Doc 9303 ePassport format and technologies such as PKI and Biometric verification.


BLUeCODE Highlights

The relevant information of the document holder is encoded into the BLUeCODE

Can be easily integrated with other technologies on the same means (e.g. cards)

Security features does not rely on back-end server to retrieve the data, thus off-line verification of BLUeCODE can be done Ideally for de-centralized issuance

Biometric verification (e.g. facial or fingerprint) through Smartphone camera

One of the cheapest solution due to simplicity of infrastructure, as simple smartphones is sufficient


BLUeCODE Architecture

The solution consists of two core engines: a Secure Generator and a Verification Mobile App



The BLUeCODE Secure Generator used for:

  • Data preparation to construct the user information into required format
  • Generate a PKI digital signature using the user information
  • Encrypt and encode the data into a BLUeCODE for printing

The BLUeCODE Verification Mobile App to perform the following functions:
  • Scan, decrypt and decode the BLUeCODE on the printed ID document
  • Check the authenticity and integrity of the BLUeCODE data using PKI technology
  • Display the document holder data on the smartphone for visual verification
  • Performing biometric match
  • Enable vision-impaired people functionality